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phyllanthus amarus schum

Phyllanthus amarus schum

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The Phyllanthus amarus genus of the family Euphorbiaceae was first identified in the central and southern India in 18th century. It is commonly called carry me seed, stone-breaker, windbreaker, gulf leaf flower or gala of wind. Plants of Phyllanthus amarus has pharmaceuticals activities and are used as an Ayurvedic way of curing many diseases. Phylaanthus amarus is an erect annual herb of not more than one and half feet tall and has small leaves and yellow flowers. Phyllanthus amarus is widely used in curing Jaundice, diabetes, Otitis, Diarrhoea, Swelling, Skin ulcer, gastrointestinal disturbances and blocks DNA polymerase in the case of hepatitis B virus during reproduction. We Himalayan Agro offer you best range of Phyllantus amarus at reasonable rates to meet your folk medicinal needs.

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