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lobelia nicotianaefolia

Lobelia nicotianaefolia

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This Plant is indigenous to India, mainly found in the region of the Western Ghats from Bombay to Travancore, Keral to Karnataks, Nilgiri, Malabar, Southern Maharashtra etc. Lobelia nicotianifolia Heyne belongs to the botanical family of Lobeliaceae, is an erect plant of 2 to 4 ft with blue colored flowers. It is also found in the country of France, Java, Pakistan, South Africa and Srilanka. It is also known as wild tobacco, because the leaves resemble tobacco leaves. The medicinal properties of Lobelia nicotianifolia include curing of Brinchitis, Ashthma, blodd diseases, uterus problems, vaginal infections and burning sensation around genitalia. We Himalayan Agro supply the fresh Lobelia nicotianifolia Heyna to both our domestic and foreign market at affordable prices.

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